My name is Clara Fang and I'm a professional photographer and lifelong artist. I started in photography while I was a fine art student in college. I took photos of my subjects, experimenting with lights and costumes, before painting them. People are my favorite things to photograph because I love to convey something of their spirit in a photo. Whenever we capture a photo, we are saying, this is something worth looking at. Photography is a form of love because it means to see someone for who they are. When we pay that kind of attention to someone, they become beautiful to us.

In today's world a photograph is often the first impression that we make on other people, before they see our profile or read a resume. Therefore, it is important that that picture leaves a positive impression. I specialize in portrait photos for linkedin, social media, and dating websites. I also take photos of families and children. I prefer to shoot in natural light for beautiful, relaxed photos, although I also shoot in a studio for more formal looking portraits. I travel to all locations within 25 miles of Detroit in the United States. 

I invite you to browse my galleries and to contact me if I can serve your need.



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